Sunday, January 23, 2011

this blog is huge in malaysia...AND canada!

one of the great things about having an account with Blogger is that you can very easily check and see how many people are actually reading what you're putting out there {vs how many people 'say' they're reading it, but really they're watching, EVERYONE ELSE!}

so imagine my surprise when i read where my audience is concentrated and of course, yes, my core followers are in the great U.S.of A, but i have two people in Canada AND one person in Malaysia that are keeping up with Besa, too! this is inspiring! makes me want to do a special Canadian post {an homage to DeGrassi Junior High, perhaps?}, and i'm not sure what the heck to post for my Malaysian reader. maybe they're sick of their own surroundings and would like to see a little slice of where it is i am? {let's hope so, otherwise i'll immediately lose my international fan base, a la David Hasselhoff}

so Gig Harbor is where we are fortunate enough to live. it doesn't rain all the time as some of you suspect, the community is awesome and the people are truly wonderful characters. add to it, it's not an ugly place to live. {except when the Seahawks get pounded; then it gets really ugly}

come visit some time, won't you?

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