Monday, January 10, 2011

Patricia Mae Andrzejewski is 58 today. Say you didn't know...

if my parents named me patricia mae andrewhqjdopdmskdsidkdski, i'd have changed my named to Benatar, too. actually, hindsight being what it is, i would have changed my last named to Benetton and tried to score as many free sweaters as possible.

so pat benatar is 58 years old today, and i know this because i am unemployed.

i am currently at with my friend heidi. we have our laptops in dueling positions that any onlooker could reasonably conclude that instead of surfing job sites {me} and actually working {heidi}, that we are engaged in a heady game of online Battleship.

i have been scouring the interwebs for a job back in advertising out here that will allow me to bring in some money and also not spend too much time away from my son. so far my two most viable options to do so are 1) start my own agency or 2) become a barista.

i know a lot of people who are struggling to find work these days and it's pretty easy to get bummed about the propects. maybe if i open up my job search to include sniper, food demo girl, and archeologist assistant i'll have better luck. {i wonder if 'sniper' really is a job description on Monster. huh).

anyway, wish me luck trying to bring in some extra dinero {otherwise you're all in for a LOT of postings about 80's band members getting older.} OH! and for all of you 16 Candles fans, heidi informed me that JAKE RYAN turned 50 this year.


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