Friday, January 7, 2011

putting those opposable thumbs to good use

so thanks to all four thousand  five followers i currently have on the blog since my first posting last night. i've also gotten some feedback that some of you couldn't leave comments. near as i can tell i'm going to need a 13 year old girl to show me exactly how to mess with the settings on Blogger, but for the moment i think i may have fixed what needed fixing.

go ahead. try and leave a comment. {although i may not see it either way because i fell asleep last night with my contacts in again and so i have the sightline of a possum right now}

we have friends coming over this morning for a playdate which basically means the house will get tossed three times faster and with more verve than usual, all while my friend kristi and i sip our cold coffee and lament the days when the boys were able to be politely tucked into a car seat and rocked to sleep instead of shoving Matchbox cars into the subwoofer in the livingroom.

true story.

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