Thursday, January 6, 2011

careful what you wish for.

i'll admit it. i'm a fan of Facebook because it allows me to update my status as often as Lindsay Lohan chooses coke over Pepsi (see how i did that?), but it doesn't allow for much more than that. (Facebook, not Lindsay. i have no idea what her threshold for information is. i'm guessing she has the attention span necessary to read the first word of a Red Bull label, but i digress).

anyway, a handful of you lovely folks have actually encouraged me to start another blog. {you'll regret this at a later date, i assure. but in the mean time, thanks for the encouragement!}

so here i am, typing away. for those of you who have not been tuned in to my Facebook updates, let me just say that should you come to visit my lil' ol' blog, you'll find everything from stories about raising my kiddo to reentering the workforce, celebrity gossip, recipes that i managed to not completely ruin, and probably more posts than any heterosexual man need read about shoes.

these times are also a little stressful, so i may swear more than usual. if you are not a fan of profanity, then this is probably not the site for you. um, mom, dad: hang in there! before long you'll read this stuff and feel like i'm right there at home with my boots up on the coffee table and my wine without a coaster right next to them. {your eye-rolling is optional, but probably well-deserved}

come join me, won't you? i need groupies.

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